Conference Agenda

Wednesday, September 28

4 pm



Panel Discussion:
A panel of women leaders and trailblazers will discuss some of the challenges they've faced in their careers and how they overcame them. They will share lessons learned and will answer your questions about how to handle difficult issues.

Cindy Cepko, Co-Owner, Granite Homes; 2016 Chair of the NAHB Professional Women in Building Council
Ronda Conger, Vice President, CBH Homes
Kate Ewing, Director of Marketing and Practice Growth, Mueller Prost CPAs + Business Advisors
Judy Mozen, President and Founder, Handcrafted Homes; Chairwoman of the Board, NARI


Welcome Reception/Dinner

Thursday, September 29



8:00 am

Welcome and Introduction to the Conference

8:30 am

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Helen Fisher

Dr. Fisher is a pioneer in the biology of human personality and the neurochemistry of leadership. Her groundbreaking research has shown how understanding the biology behind personality styles can be used in business: to build teams and corporate boards, to innovate, and to become a successful leader.




Judy Mozen, President and Founder, Handcrafted Homes; Chairwoman of the Board, NARI

Playing the Long Game
Some things have changed for women in construction over the past 30 years, while others remain the same. This talk takes a wider view, looking at where we've been and what the future likely holds.


Alaina Money,, Division President, Garman Homes

11:45 pm


1:00 pm

Kayleen McCabe, Contractor, TV Host

As a passionate and charismatic advocate for the construction field, McCabe is a popular presenter at schools and community organizations. Here, she discusses how to become an industry ambassador and provides simple steps that professionals can take to get young people engaged. A list of resources will be provided.

1:45 pm

Jennifer Johnson, CEO of the Construction Trade School

Taking Action to Solve the Labor Shortage
Jennifer Johnson's journey from contractor to the founder of a non-profit trade school is part adventure story, part thriller, and part comedy. Today, Dallas-based Construction Trade School brings together communities, suppliers, and contractors to train students for work in high-end residential construction.




Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki, Principal, tst ink LLC

From life in small town Canada, to entrepreneur, to a decade as the CMO of the largest land developer in the US, to entrepreneur again – Teri will share how looking at life from the outside-in will expand your palette and help you show up every day. Hear her leadership lessons learned, some good, some not, as she'll challenge you to "go off script", and create customer experiences for your company and your brand, that people will connect with, on purpose.


Colleen Sharp, Vice President, Associate Head of Insights Integration

Post economic meltdown, consumers' attitudes and values have been reshaped – causing substantial shifts in consumer attitudes and definitions of self, family and community. Yearning for community is also on the rise, creating a prime opportunity for marketers to fill this void with a Big Tent Branding strategy. Featuring a case study of how a community developer addressed homeowners "longing for belonging," we'll demonstrate how attitudinal insights are as important as demographics in understanding the "why behind the buy."


Group Discussion
Moderators: Denise Dersin and Erika Taylor

In this lively group discussion, attendees will delve into what they've learned at the conference, talk about critical issues facing their businesses, and examine the industry overall.


Networking Reception/Dinner




8:00 am

Nancy Keenan, President, Dahlin Group

Designing the Future
In a profession grappling with gender equity, Dahlin Group – an architectural firm with a 40 year history, chose a woman to lead them into the future. Nancy will talk about the path that led her to an architectural degree, a career driven by her passion for design and into the Presidency of a multi-office, multi-national firm.

8:45 am

Kerry Mulcrone and Sarah Lee, Co-Founders, Building ME

Living an Intentional Life
The ever-increasing pressure to stay relevant and to stay ahead of the curve, while staying sane, cannot be overstated for women who work in residential construction. Even so, we are here to tell you that it is possible to maintain your sanity in this crazy world and better yet, to thrive! It is possible to have it all, but it requires the right framework, making intentional choices andrecognizing that you must thoughtfully integrate all of the meaningful areas of your life. This lively discussion will share proven strategies that promoteintentional living, both personally and professionally.

10:00 am

Conference Adjourns

Terms and Conditions for Attendance

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